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Герман Макаренко збирає колег "Артистів в ім’я миру" заради ініціативи "Мистецтво проти пандемії" (eng)

On 20 April 2020, Ukrainian conductor and UNESCO Artist for Peace Herman Makarenko shared his initiative ‘Art against a pandemic’ in which he gathered UNESCO Artists for Peace for a message of solidarity and unity through their art.

During this global health crisis, people need culture more than ever for an escape, for comfort and for a sense of unity. As such, conductor and UNESCO Artist for Peace Herman Makarenko assembled prominent artists from the UNESCO family from around the world for the project, which is open for all to enjoy. “Only together will humanity overcome all threats”, shared Herman Makarenko.

According to him, “overcoming this crisis largely depends on emotional balance, mental endurance and confidence each of us. One of the main tools in achieving harmony in the hearts and minds of people is Art. Today it is able to heal the tormented, and sometimes tattered soul of a person”.

Some artists shared videos and visuals made for this occasion. Others shared past performances or artistic creations that could serve as means of comfort meaningful to them.
 ‘Art against a Pandemic’ is an ongoing initiative, therefore Herman Makarenko calls for more fellow Artists for Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors to participate.

Participants to ‘Art for a pandemic’ are the following UNESCO Artists:

Herman Makarenko – opening video appeal message and music list
Hedva Ser – ‘The Road of Hope’ sculpture
Sumi Jo – Schubert performance
Elisso Bolkvadze – Mozart performance
Setsuko Klossowski – video interview about her exhibition of ceramics ‘Into the Trees’
Eijin Nimura – Bach performance
Kudsi Ergüner – instrumental Sufi music performance
Alphadi – video interview on his role as fashion designer
Jane Constance – music performance with Eric Triton

Source: UNESCO website