When music heals

      "Kyiv Classic" has completed a significant, pertinent, and much-needed project "Psychological recovery of the children, military, residents of de-occupied territories by means of art therapy".

      The initiative managed to apply an integrative approach and combine musical art with psychological science.

      Using musical means, we tried to restore the mental health of our fellow citizens - children, military personnel and residents of the de-occupied territories of the Kyiv region. Over the course of several months, we conducted numerous performances (more than 150), during which time scientists and psychologists examined in-depth the positive impacts of music therapy on victims of russian aggression.

      Seeing how music heals people's souls brought the musicians of the Kyiv Classic Orchestra immense joy. When a child gave the maestro his painting at the end of the session, and a military soldier gave Herman Makarenko his chevron as a token of gratitude, the musicians' hearts were filled with unique emotions.

      We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this project happen! We notably thank our collaborators and the psychiatrists who actively worked on putting our vision into practice, as well as the granter, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.