Psychological Recovery with Music Program Launched at Kyiv's Ohmatdyt Hospital

      For the first time in Ukraine, the largest children's hospital in Kyiv, Ohmatdyt, organized a session of psychological recovery for children affected by Russian aggression using music therapy.

      "Now we are all under the influence of psychological pressure, under the influence of bad news, losses, disappointments and hopes, very heavy losses. Children cannot always show their feelings, express them, but 100% of them feel it all. When we treat children here, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment. That's why we were very pleased when this project appeared, which aimed not only to investigate what happens to the psychology of a child affected by war, but also how music affects them, what kind of music, what happens before and after a music session," says Volodymyr Zhovnir, the hospital's general director.

      The project is implemented by the Ohmatdyt Hospital, the Kyiv Classic Orchestra under the direction of UNESCO Artist for Peace Herman Makarenko and with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

      The program of psychological recovery of children through music therapy is designed for several months. During this time, large sessions will be held, like this time, when more than 40 children attended the event, as well as sessions for small groups of patients and individual sessions. The hospital's psychologists will study how music affects the psychological recovery of patients. The results of this experience are planned to be disseminated to medical events for further use by specialists.

      "The program was chosen in close cooperation with a group of psychologists and scientists - experienced professionals with whom, according to their wishes, we presented a certain program, certain pieces that were listened to and selected to be performed. And the main condition was that these were positive pieces, music that brings positive, that brings harmony," said the initiator of the project, UNESCO Artist for Peace, People's Artist of Ukraine, conductor of the National Opera of Ukraine Herman Makarenko.

      The Minister of Culture of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko also welcomed the launch of the project:
      "The healing properties of music have been known since ancient times. It tunes our souls, hearts, and brains to a high vibration. Harmonizing, stitching us together from the inside is what Ukrainians who are going through the terrible ordeal of an imposed brutal war need today. Music therapy should become a part of maintaining our mental and physical health."

      The Kyiv Oblast Police Department also joined the organization of psychological recovery sessions for children at the Okhmatdyt Hospital. Women police officers in uniform gave the children balloons, paints, and candy.

      "The police performs the function of 'serving and protecting' primarily for children, the future of Ukraine, and for the sake of children, the future of Ukraine. Usually, our projects are aimed at preventing offenses. But today we are playing a slightly different role. And we are very pleased to be a part of this event," said Anastasia Kudrytska, a representative of the Kyiv Region Police Department.

      The first session is over, but the psychologists have just begun to analyze the results.