Kyiv Classic musicians play for a girl who suffered from a missile strike on Chernihiv

      More than 70 music therapy sessions were held by the musicians for patients at the Kyiv Children's Hospital Ohmatdyt.

      The program of psychological recovery of children through music therapy began in June. Since then, musicians from the Kyiv Classic Orchestra have conducted more than 70 individual, group and mass sessions for young patients, their parents and medics.
      "On February 24, a catastrophe struck. I was always considering what I could accomplish using only my own resources and skills. And I came up with the idea to use music to cure the mind and improve mental health. We are all affected by psychological pressure, bad news, losses, and disappointments, after all. And children can't always show their feelings, express them, but they feel it all", said the author of the project, UNESCO Artist for Peace, conductor Herman Makarenko.
      The project of psychological recovery of children through music therapy is carried out by the Kyiv Classic Orchestra under the direction of Herman Makarenko with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the assistance of the Kyiv Region Police Department.

      Regarding the repertoire, psychologists and other experts worked closely with the performers to choose every piece that was performed. The primary requirement of the music program was that the music should promote harmony and positivity.

      Thus, during the mass sessions, the Kyiv Classic chamber orchestra performed works by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Massenet, Adan, and Ukrainian classics.

      It's interesting that music therapy sessions are primarily interactive. Olena Anoprienko, head of the Ohmatdyt Hospital's Center for Medical and Psychological Social Rehabilitation for Children, kept an eye on the kids' emotional development. The psychologist-scientist studied the audience's reactions to each piece of music by asking them what feelings they experienced or even what color they connected it to. She said that an academic study was carried out as part of the project on children's psychological recovery to ascertain the effects of music therapy on patients' conditions.
      During the individual sessions, the musicians visited the wards in the surgical and oncology departments where children who are unable to walk are treated. During one of these performances, the artists paid a visit to Ksenia Verbytska, a 12-year-old who was hurt when a russian missile struck Chernihiv and is currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Kyiv. Ksenia's mother said that her daughter was in the area around the drama theater when the tragedy occurred.

      The girl was particularly taken with how the bandura performed the song "The Language of the Wind" from the "Mavka the forest song" movie. Ksenia acknowledged that she had never even considered the possibility of singing and playing this composition.

      Based on the research obtained during the music therapy sessions, scientific and practical recommendations will be developed that can be used in other children's hospitals in Ukraine.