Viennese Waltz

          22 October
          Maestro Herman Makarenko conducts the Viennese Waltz Ballet

          The melodically sparkling music of the three Austrian waltz magicians creates a festive atmosphere of colorful and cheerful Vienna, where dance, music, and feelings are inseparable. The main hero – composer Franz, is in love with a simple girl, Annel. He is also impressed with the talent of the famous ballerina Carla and admires her. A plot develops around this love triangle.

          The Viennese Waltz Ballet has been performed at the National Opera since 2001 and has consistently sold-out crowds, evoking an enthusiastic public reaction. Libretto and choreography of "Waltz" belong to the artistic director of the ballet of the National Opera of Ukraine, the People's Artist of Ukraine – Aniko Rehviashvili.

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