St. Nicholas Day

          7 December
          Ecogintox Charitable Cultural Project

          The charity project dedicated to St. Nicholas Day is a cultural initiative of the Institute for Ecological Hygiene and Toxicology. LI Medved. Ukraine's leading institution on ecology, hygiene, and toxicology has become a center and scientific research base where expert organizations operate successfully.

          The Kyiv Classic Orchestra has been involved in the Institute's social projects for over fifteen years. One of the most significant events of the Ecogintox great program is the annual meeting of progressive Ukrainian scientists and reputable international experts at the National Opera of Ukraine, the traditional St. Nicholas Day.

          This year's charity evening program includes music by famous composers – Johann Sebastian Bach, Peter Tchaikovsky, Pietro Mascagni, Mykola Leontovich, Myroslav Skoryk, and Volodymyr Ivasyuk. The special sound of the Kyiv Classic Orchestra performance is provided by the unique instruments of the prominent Ukrainian master Florian Yuriev.