The "Divine Concert": Kyiv-Classic honored medical workers in St. Sophia's Cathedral

      On June 19, 2022, a spiritual and artistic event "Musical Prayer for Ukrainian Medics" took place in Kyiv on the occasion of the Day of the Medical Worker.

      "Musical Prayer for Ukrainian Medics" provided an opportunity for the artists of the Kyiv Classic Orchestra and the "Credo" choir to realize their artistic talent in such trying times, and also fulfilled an important social mission.

      The concert became symbolic gratitude to healthcare workers, nurses, and paramedics who are now in challenging times. For the third year in a row, they selflessly save Ukrainians - first from COVID-19, and starting from February 24 - from the consequences of military aggression.

      The Saint Sophia Cathedral was chosen as a special place for the event. It is a shrine not only of the Ukrainian people but also a monument to the cultural heritage of humankind.
      According to the title of the event, the program mostly consisted of spiritual works and musical prayers by Ukrainian and Western European composers from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, etc. As part of the event, listeners could enjoy the works of Artemy Vedel, Mykola Lysenko, Johann Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Charles Gounod, Franz Schubert, and a dozen more works that the guests described as "divine".

      The Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko and representatives of the religious confessions of Ukraine congratulated medical workers and all who were present on their professional day. The day before, the representatives of the religious confessions of Ukraine prayed for Ukrainian healthcare workers in their churches.

      This event took place within the framework of the "Millennium of the Ukrainian Violin" - ECOGINTOX Institute cultural project, in which Kyiv Classic has been participating for the past two decades.