Hedva Ser and Herman Makarenko collaborate within the framework of UNESCO
      The creative collaboration of UNESCO Artists for Peace, Hedva Ser and Herman Makarenko has been embodied in a joint project. Artists created an artistic message - the anthem "Tree of Peace" based on the sculpture with the same name by the famous French sculptor UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Hedva Ser, the music for the anthem was written by composer Pierre Sebaoun, the author of the text is the famous poet and artist Smaïn Fairouze. The anthem is recorded in two languages - English and French. The Kyiv Classic Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Herman Makarenko performed the anthem. This is a vivid example of cooperation between Ukrainian and French cultural figures.

      The extraordinary works of the famous sculptor Hedva Ser are known all over the world. Thus, she presented her sculpture "Tree of Peace" in almost two dozen places: Israel, Germany, United States, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Greece, Malta and others. The opening ceremonies were attended by the Presidents, Prime Ministers, the Pope and other dignitaries. The wide recognition of this work of art in the world is due to the fact that the author combined in the sculpture the symbols of three leading religions - Judaism, Islam and Christianity.