China International Performing Arts Fair

          November 2019
          The show at the Guangzhou International Fair

          The main goal of China International Performing Arts Fair is to create a cultural platform for presenting projects by leading Chinese creative teams and for cultural interaction between artists from different countries.

          The large-scale event in Guangzhou includes a grand opening ceremony, an exhibition of performing arts, and numerous forums bringing together producers, agents, and artists from all around the world. The participants of the fair focus on the experience of industry challenges and exploration of new opportunities exchanged by representatives of the cultural elite and international experts.

          The China International Performing Arts Fair helps you learn more about China's contemporary culture and get acquainted with Chinese audiences. During the fair days, more than five hundred theaters and collectives showcase their works in Guangzhou. Through active promotion, sixty world-renowned art directors and experts, as well as hundreds of managers from thirty provinces and cities in China, have attended cultural events.