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Today Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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AmcoverseasBrandbergPlasticsМАУКанал СТБ
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Kyiv-Classic OrchestraKyiv-Classic Orchestra
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Kyiv-Classic OrchestraKyiv-Classic Orchestra
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Strauss_01_2018_(small)And again, «Kyiv-Classic» Symphony Orchestra meets fans of a talented family of Austrian composers. An unforgettable journey to the musical Vienna picks up the atmosphere of snowy holidays and dives into a wonderful tale on the New Year’s eve!

On December 27 and 28, 2018, the XI “New Year's Strauss Concert” was held at the National Opera of Ukraine. The program of the concert included waltz melodies “The Blue Danube”, known from childhood overtures to the operetta «The Bat», «Radetzky March» and others, as well as little-known works - an overture to the operetta «Indigo and the Forty Thieves”, «Austrian march», «Quadrille of spirits» and others, most of which were performed to the guests of the concert for the first time.

All those present at this New Year's Eve were fascinated by the performance of bright music, virtuoso singing, and dance skills by the soloists of the National Opera of Ukraine Natalya Nikolayishin - Honored Artist of Ukraine; Olga Fomicheva - Honored Artist of Ukraine; Sergey Pashchuk - Honored Artist of Ukraine; Dmitry Ageev - Honored Artist of Ukraine; Olexandr Boyko - Soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine, Laureate of international competitions; Yuriy Goryn - Soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine, Laureate of international competitions; Ballet dancers of the National Opera of Ukraine; «Credo» Choir (Artistic Director - Honored Artist of Ukraine - Bogdan Plish) and «Kyiv-Classic» Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of the author of the project, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Ambassador of Ukrainian Culture, UNESCO Artist for Peace - Herman Makarenko...

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Christmas_Strauss_Forum_01_2018_(small)«Kyiv-Classic» Symphony Orchestra gladly congratulates the new fans of the Strauss family on the winter holidays!

On December 24, the First Strauss Christmas Forum was held at T. Shevchenko's National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine. Herman Makarenko, head of «Kyiv-Classic» Orchestra, Ambassador of Ukrainian culture and the first Ukrainian UNESCO Artist for Peace, invited colleagues to a cultural dialogue. Within the framework of the forum, a communication project for children was presented – «Music for Peace. Intrada».

For the first time in Ukraine, the conductors of well-known orchestras have teamed up to become the curators of an interactive music class with the participation of young talents, laureates of music competitions, children of military families, children from a war zone and children with special needs. Representatives of the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine joined the event.

Among the guests of the I Christmas Strauss Forum were Yevgeny Nishchuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine; Sergei Zolotarev, conductor of the National Presidential Orchestra; Oksana Madarash, conductor of the Kyiv Operetta Theater, Lyubov Morozova, artistic director of Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra and Roman Budzyak, conductor of this Orchestra.

The beginning of the event was the interactive performance of «Kyiv-Classic» Orchestra for incredible, talented and unsurpassed children including those with special needs. Music has a special place in their lives, so the evening in Strauss company became unforgettable for everyone. We are preparing for new meetings in the new year!

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St_Nikolay_01_2018_(small)On December 15, the traditional annual charity concert of L.I. Medved’s Research Center of Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical Safety and «Kyiv-Classic» symphony orchestra performance under the direction of the UNESCO Artist for Peace - Herman Makarenko was held.

As well as in previous years, leaders and best specialists of the Scientific Center, representatives of the Ukrainian army with their families, pupils of orphanages and doctors of military hospitals were present in the hall of the National Opera of Ukraine.

The charity evening of symphonic, opera and pop-symphonic music was devoted to the spiritual tradition of our people and the courage of the Ukrainian military. The compositions of outstanding Ukrainian classics and the requiem to the physicians who gave their lives in the war at the east of the country touched the audience. The world famous compositions of K. Dankevich, F.K. Gruber, A. Adan, P. Moria, F. Ley, T. Yordaki, V. Ivashyuk, A. Belousov created a festive, pre-Christmas mood to all those present in the hall of the National Opera of Ukraine...

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100_Years_of_NAS_Ukraine_01_2018_(small)This year, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine celebrated its centenary. 100 years ago, on November 27, 1918, the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences was founded by the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian State and the hetman of Ukraine P. Skoropadsky in Kyiv. Over the years, thanks to Vladimir Vernadsky, Alexander Palladin, Boris Paton and many other Ukrainian scientists, our country has become a center of innovation at the international level. Without new ideas, research and inventions it is impossible to imagine the development and success of modern Ukraine.

On December 7, the jubilee session of the General Meeting on the 100-th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Gala Concert of the symphony orchestra «Kyiv-Classic» under the conduction of Herman Makarenko - Doctor of Arts, Professor, People's Artist of Ukraine, Ambassador of Ukrainian culture, the first Ukrainian UNESCO Artist for peace took place.

The gala evening was opened by congratulations from President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. In the official celebrations, held at the National Opera, eminent scientists from many countries of the world took part. Representatives of the diplomatic corps, Minister of Education and Science Lilia Grinevich and Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nishchuk joined the holiday...

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Plastics_2.0_01_2018_(small)In early October, the «Plastics-Ukraine» company, which is rightfully considered to be one of the leaders of Ukrainian business, celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The company has received a high reputation, guided by the principle of honest - "clean" business and social responsibility to society. On the eve of the anniversary a letter the General Director, Mr. Ireneusz Derek was sent to all those invited to the celebrations, where he asked guests not to spend money on gifts and flowers, but to make a donation to save children lives by transferring funds to the «Heart in the Palm» Foundation.

The guests who came to «Mystetsky Arsenal» on October 4th appeared not at a regular corporate event, but in an exquisite art space, where throughout the evening «Plastics» introduced its partners. “20 years with the best” - this is the slogan that determined the format of the jubilee. The mosaic of the evening, where, as in a kaleidoscope, performances changed each other, interesting interviews, artistic performances, vividly underlined and revealed all areas of «Plastics-Ukraine» company activity.

«Kyiv-Classic» congratulates «Plastics-Ukraine» company and its General Director - Mr. Ireneusz Derek and would like to thank for the fruitful joint cooperation.

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Macom_Forum_01_2018_(small)Music is a soul of people. Makom is the music of a soul. Thanks to Makom, we can learn, discover a beautiful, subtle and rich soul of the Uzbek people.

The first "International Forum of Makom Art" is a great event in the cultural life of not only Uzbekistan, but the entire world community. As the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Shavkat Mirziyoyev said in his speech at the forum: "Makom is not only a genre of musical art, it has become an integral part of the culture of many peoples and a deep philosophy".

Guests from 73 countries of the world gathered at the forum and we can truly consider the first "International Forum of Makom Art" to be a forum of friendship, a forum of peace, a forum of unity, a forum of beauty.

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Vienna_ball_01_2018_(small)In the middle of spring on April 21, the Charity Viennese Ball of was held in the Ukrainian capital, together with the Children's Viennese Ball on all the next day. These events took place in the Columns Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration. The tradition of holding Viennese balls, which carry the ideas of goodness, beauty, mutual understanding, and humanism was renewed in the capital of Ukraine last year after a ten-year pause.

This spring, the ball coincided with the arrival of UEFA Champions League Cups in Kyiv, so it is not surprising that the main topic of the ball was sport achievements. As the mayor of Kyiv - Vitaliy Klichko noted during his opening speech, "... it is symbolic that the Viennese Ball in Kyiv is devoted to sports and sportsmen, paralympic athletes, ATO soldiers and children with special needs take part in it".

Charity was and remains one of the attributes of Viennese balls. The ball in Kyiv was not an exception: this year 833,000 uah were collected, which will go to the needs of the «Kyiv Center for Social Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities».

According to the canons of the Viennese balls, the Kyiv Viennese Ball was opened by 35 pairs of debutants to the music of "Polonaise" by Karl Ziehrer.

The artistic program of the ball was provided and accompanied throughout the evening by "Kyiv-Classic" symphonic orchestra, under the direction of the UNESCO Artist for Peace, Ambassador of Ukrainian Culture, People's Artist of Ukraine - Herman Makarenko. The well-known performers Susanna Chakhoyan, Christian Drescher, pianist and composer Eugene Khmara, as well as young performers Mariam Ravashdeh and Alexander Yupatov took part in the art program.

Representatives of the Vienna Ballroom Committee and the Ballroom Committee of Paris attended the ball in Kyiv.

"Kyiv-Classic" expresses gratitude to all partners and the exclusive organizer of the Charity Viennese Ball in Kyiv - "Brandberg" company, as well as to all participants of this bright and unique event.

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