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Today Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Kyiv-Classic OrchestraKyiv-Classic Orchestra
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Kyiv-Classic OrchestraKyiv-Classic Orchestra
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Dnipro_River_Day_01_2017_(small)In June of each year, humanity celebrates World Environment Day and in early July, Ukrainians celebrate the International Day of the Dnieper River. In 2017, the UN Office in Ukraine has decided to combine the two holidays and celebrate them with the action called "Art to live in harmony with nature".

The main goal of this action was to attract public attention to the preservation and protection of the environment, as well as to inform Ukrainians more widely about the UN "Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030" program, using the means of musical art.

On June 30, «Kyiv-Classic» orchestra on the board of Monblan ship performed the works of Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Khachaturian, Adamtsevich, Gulak-Artemovsky, Lysenko, and others.

Thousands of people of Kiev and guests of the capital of Ukraine both on the banks of the Dnieper River and at the central pier of the river station could watch the extraordinary event and enjoy the music masterpieces of the world and Ukrainian classics.

The initiator of the action and the immediate head of the project was the National Coordinator of the GEF Small Grants Program - Svetlana Nigorodova.

"Kyiv-Classic" expresses its gratitude to the UN Office in Ukraine, represented by the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine – Mr. Neal Walker and Ms. Svetlana Nigorodova.

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National_Philarmonic_Ukraine_01_2017_(small)Many interesting concerts were held at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, but the one that took place on June 29, 2017 was one of the most significant for the entire 150-year history of the Philharmonic.

А concert on stringed instruments of contemporary violin makers from France and Ukraine was held within the framework of the Kiev international scientific conference «Innovative way of development of violin masters' art».

Jean-Baptiste Brunier – «Radio France» Philharmonic orchestra violist, Anatoly Bazhenov - the People's Artist of Ukraine, the laureate of the State Taras Shevchenko Prize, Tatyana Vavilina-Koychurenko - the soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine, «Kyiv-Classic» chamber orchestra were performing classics, romantics and modern composers pieces, demonstrated the timbre beauty and virtuosic abilities of violins, violas, cellos and contrabasses «Olga», «Tcharivna Lybid», «Japan,» «Bazhenov», «Tchaikovsky», «Vietan», «Lybid», «Ukraine», «Heifets», «Ariana», «Florian da Kirengi», «Sofia» , «Wieniawski», «Schubert», «Bartoli», «Mozart», «Salomia», «Triumph of Stradivarius», «Modus Vivendi», «Irina», «Mecenas», «Prokofiev», «Gluck», «Paganini» , «Glinka», «Beethoven», «Kobzar Taras», «André Sekallyarides», «Bernard Sabatier», «Tatiana», «Oranta», «Haydn», «Vivaldi», «Hmyria», «Bach», «Taras».

«Kyiv-Classic» chamber orchestra on the ensemble of Florian Yuryev’s instruments under the conduction of Herman Makarenko performed Polish, Lithuanian, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Argentinean and, of course, Ukrainian melodies.

The apotheosis of this evening was the performance of all concert participants of the first part of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart «Little Night Serenade». This performance on 34 stringed instruments of the modern violin maker is unique and rightfully was included in the Guinness National Book of Records.

«Kyiv-Classic» wholeheartedly wishes the glorious Ukrainian master - Florian Yuryev strength, inspiration, good health to create new unique musical instruments and expresses our gratitude to the organizers of the conference and the concert - EKOGINTOKS Institute in the person of Nikolay Prodanchuk.

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Sophia_Cathedral_01_2017_(small)Divine music – it is exactly how the concert program for «Kyiv-Classic» chamber orchestra should be called: because the works of Vedel, Bortniansky, Bach, Vivaldi and other composers, whose music was performed under the "blessing" of Saint Oranta, are directly connected with the service to God.

The orchestra performance in the Church of St. Sophia of Kiev on June 28, took place within the framework of the Kiev international scientific conference «Innovative way of development of violin masters' art» and was conceived by the organizers as a demonstration of string instruments of modern Ukrainian and French masters.  Together with the Ukrainian musicians, in a concert attended "Radio France" Philharmonic orchestra violist – Jean-Baptiste Brunier. He performed works by Eric Breton, Rudolf Sulzenbacher, Benjamin Britten on the violas named "Andre Sekallyarides", "Bernard Sabatier" made by contemporary French masters.

The uniqueness of the violins "Metsenas", "Lybid", "Oranta", "Olga", "Japan", "Florian da Kirengi", "Ukraine", "Bazhenov" was demonstrated by Ukrainian soloists - People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Taras Shevchenko Prize - Anatoly Bazhenov and musician of the orchestra of the National Opera of Ukraine - Tatyana Vavilina-Koychurenko.

«Kyiv-Classic» expresses its gratitude to the organizers of the Kiev international scientific conference of violin makers and to the Director of the Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology - Nikolay Prodanchuk.

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Polish_Concert_Premiere_01_2017_(small)It is the second time when May 3rd Constitution Day in Ukraine is celebrated with a big concert at the National Opera of Ukraine. This year, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine joined the celebration of this European historical event, since the date of 1791 – the date of signing of the Constitution has been already celebrated in Lithuania as a state holiday for 10 years.

This evening the most famous musical compositions of outstanding Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian composers were performed: Frederic Chopin, Stanislav Moniuszko, Wojciech Kilar, Mikalojus Čiurlionis, Osvaldas Balakauskas, Vytautas Barkauskas, Miroslav Skorik, and others. Choral fantasies for Polish and Lithuanian themes, created from famous and well-known musical melodies of these countries, performed by the National Choir Academic of Ukraine "Dumka" and "Kyiv-Classic" symphony orchestra became a pleasant surprise for all those present in the hall.

Among the invited guests of the "Concert Premiere" on the stage was Adam Kruszewski - soloist of the Grand Theater in Warsaw. He performed "The Sword-Bearer Aria" from the opera "The Haunted Manor" and "Stanislaus Song" from the opera "Verbum Nobile" by Stanislaw Moniuszko. Rokas Zubovas - a guest from Lithuania, the pianist, the direct descendant of Mikalojus Čiurlionis, performed several piano pieces by his great-grandfather, united in a single composition called "Cosmic Meditation".

"Kyiv-Classic" expresses the gratitude for fruitful and positive cooperation to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine in the person of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary - Mr. Jan Pieklo; to the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine in the person of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary - Mr. Marius Janukonis; the strategic partners - PKN Orlen, ORLEN Lietuva, the main partners - Ken-Pak Ukraine, Kredobank, PZU Ukraine Insurance Group, NOVUS, Zhitlobud Construction Company, PLASTICS-Ukraine, International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine and all the partners of the event, this solemn evening could be possible.

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Vienna_ball_01_2017_(small)Над проектом работают более 400 специалистов – хореографы, декораторы, дизайнеры, сценаристы и другие профессионалы. Сегодня начался официальный отбор дебютантов, которые выступят на балу 27-28 октября. Их подготовка продлится четыре месяца.

Торжественная атмосфера, роскошные наряды и волшебные звуки вальса – именно таким должен быть Венский бал. Провести его организаторы планируют по всем традициям и канонам. Чтобы все прошло на высоком уровне, готовиться начали заранее. Уже с 27 апреля желающие выступить на балу могут подавать заявки на конкурс.

– Дебютанткой может стать незамужняя девушка от 16 до 23 лет, ее партнером – мужчина 18-28 лет. Все заявки будет рассматривать специальная комиссия, потом с кандидатами проведут собеседования, оценят их знание бального этикета и умение танцевать вальс, – поясняет соорганизатор Венского бала в Киеве Марина Игнатуша.

Дебютировать на паркете осенью этого года смогут и самые маленькие танцоры: организаторы запланировали провести первый Венский бал для детей. Готовить юных дебютантов будут хореографы Лилия Ребрик и Андрей Дикий.

– Мы очень высоко подняли планку, наша задача сейчас – сделать так, чтобы другие страны на нас равнялись. Со взрослыми работать намного легче, а деткам нужно правильно донести идею мероприятия, объяснить, как себя вести, – говорит хореограф Андрей Дикий.

Чтобы пополнить ряды дебютантов, необходимо будет сделать членский взнос – 1500 гривен со взрослого участника и 700 – с ребенка. Попасть на мероприятие можно и в качестве гостя – стоимость входных билетов составит от одной до 12 тысяч гривен.

Венский бал в Киеве пройдет при поддержке Министерства иностранных дел Украины и Национальной комиссии Украины по делам ЮНЕСКО, а также мэров Киева и Вены – Виталия Кличко и Михаэля Хойпля.

– Венский бал в Киеве – это важная имиджевая акция для Киева и Украины в целом. Мы хотим, чтобы гости из Европы увидели, какая у нас дружелюбная и мирная страна, –рассказал председатель оргкомитета Герман Макаренко.

Среди приглашенных гостей ожидают VIP-персон из Австрии, Украины и других европейских стран. Поскольку мероприятие благотворительное – все вырученные деньги обещают направить на программы реабилитации воинов АТО, а также на развитие Киевского центра социальной реабилитации детей-инвалидов.

По материалам QHA

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